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If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you definitely should visit our club. You will be amazed by the game’s speed and athleticism, by the strange things that the ball’s spin does to its trajectory and bounce, and by the intensity of the competition.

Table Tennis: an Olympic Sport

Perhaps you did not even know that table tennis, a.k.a. ping-pong, is an olympic sport. In fact, world-class table tennis players are among the fittest athletes and at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs among all the resident Olympians it was the table tennis players who had the lowest percentage of fat on their bodies, excepting long-distance runners. Even though our club has no world-class players and some of our members have more body fat than the entire olympic team of a small country, the play on the club level provides an intensive aerobic excercise. If you don’t believe it, come and see for yourself!

Play at the Club

Even though we run an occasional league or tournament, most time in our sessions is devoted to playing practice matches for fun. Some more dedicated members like to do drills to improve their game and will gladly coach newcomers on proper techinque, or explain the intricacies of the game. If you would like to come prepared for being coached or for discussing the game in the proper lingo, consult the table tennis glossary or the official rules. (Do you know that the the games are now played to 11 points with the serve change every two points?)


If you already have a favorite paddle, bring it along. If you don’t have one, come anyway—we’ll let you use one of ours. Eventually, you will want to get a competition-quality racquet, but these are available only through mail-order. Ordering through these mail-order stores may be quite intimidating, as you must choose separately the wooden blade and the rubber sheets, and the variety of racquets that can be put together is almost unlimited. In contrast, the pre-assembled racquets sold at the local sporting goods stores come in only few models, but are nowhere near the competition quality. You should probably get advice from experienced club members before making a purchase. The other pieces of equipment you will need to play are pretty standard: a short-sleeve shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes. If you plan a serious workout, you may also bring a towel and a drink.

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